The Boiler Room: Costumes, Props, and Oddities

Join us in Creating Something!

      Penny Dreadful Productions has been graced with a space to create, and the tools to do it! We want to share it with you! Located at The Boiler Room, the PDP Workshop is available to be used for a small fee per month. This allows the artist to use the space and tools they may otherwise not have access to.  Just some of these items are listed below:

Crafting/Sewing Room

Sewing Machine
Iron/Ironing Board
8'x5' Cutting Table
Open Space
Costume Racks
Tape Measures
Hot Glue Gun
Hand Sewing Needles

Fabrication Shop

Chop Saw
Scroll Saw
Circular Saw
Dremel Tool
Band Saw
Drill Press
Bench grinder
MIG Welder
Work Benches
Reciprocating Saw
Brad Nailer

Purchase Your Membership!

     Memberships are $50 for one month. Times must be set ahead of time, contact to set up an appointment to go over safety guidelines and paperwork.